Roadshow 2021 – Egypt

Roadshow 2021 – Egypt

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Egyptian Government Cloud Strategy or (EG-Cloud) was introduced way back in 2014. A couple of years later, Egypt’s long-term strategic plan called Egypt’s ICT 2030 strategy was launched which clearly recognised the development of Cloud Computing as an important program.

Though the document outlines major initiatives including a Government Cloud-first policy, we are yet to see such a policy introduced. In 2020, Egypt’s Personal Data Protection Law No.151 was published and a Personal Data Protection Centre was introduced as the authority.

Now, as far as cross border data transfers, Subject to a number of exceptions, the Law contains a general prohibition on the cross-border transfer of personal data unless a license has been obtained from the Personal Data Protection Centre and where the level of protection is not less than that provided under the Law.

There is however no list of “adequate regimes”  which makes it unclear how that level of protection is to be assessed. So not particularly cross-border data transfer friendly just yet.

Taking all that into account, Egypt’s performance in our regulation domain has certainly strengthened since we last measured it back in 2019. There are however a number of indicators that could be improved including the release of a cloud-first policy, and clarity around cross-border data transfers. Also, the country’s overall regulatory quality especially public sector performance indicators have room for improvement. AND last but not least gains in IP Protection score would help elevate Egypt’s position in our Index’s Regulation Domain.

While the overall focus of these virtual events will be on common concerns such as security, and regulation, the Alliance will focus on country-specific cloud adoption hurdles based on findings from our upcoming Cloud Competitiveness Index 2022.



Country Official opening remarks

MENA Cloud Alliance CCI 2022 Findings



Cloud regulatory landscape review: Global, regional and national

Cloud talent gap: opportunities and threats

Connecting to the cloud: Pain points, recommendations and alternatives

Governments: Digital transformation and cloud

Security in the cloud

Women leading the cloud

Convergence: IoT, Blockchain, AI/ML, Automation & innovation at scale)

(all panels are followed by a time extension of 30 minutes to receive feedback from the audiences)



Cloud auditing


SaaS elevating your DX

Government cloud procurement



Target Audience
Believing that constructive conversations can only occur in an inclusive environment where different stakeholders can have their say, MENACA will invite senior representatives from:
– Regulatory Bodies
– Public Sector end-users
– Enterprise End-users
– Cloud Service Providers

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Nov-29-2021 @ 10:00 to
Nov-29-2021 @ 15:00

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